How to join Merchant Navy - Marine Engineering and Graduate Marine Engineering

So if you are interested in joining Merchant Navy and you are wondering how to join merchant navy?, then you have come to the right place. Lets start by knowing what is merchant navy and things related to it. 

It is the backbone of international trade, carrying over 90% by volume and 80% by value of the world trade. Without merchant navy, the import and export of goods on the scale necesesary for the modern world would not be possible. There are over 50,000 merchant navy ships trading internationally, transporting most kinds of cargo.  India is a large manpower supplier to the international shipping industry especially in the officers segment and is reputed for providing highly qualified and well trained personnel to work on foreign owned merchant ships.

How to join Merchant Navy - GME and Marine Engineering

Expert opinion and statistical forecast suggests that Indian Officers will continue to be in demand in the foreseeable future. Merchant Navy is a rewarding career, both financially and professionally. The nature of a job at sea presents unmatched demands and challenges, providing a fulfilling career choice. Self reliance and resourcefulness will become a part of your personality. You will be required to employ both your theoretical knowledge and practical skills to meet the challenges of the sea. Life at sea can be tough. The work is strenuous and physically demanding. The benefits however, include a satisfaction as an officer, working on a globalized platform, of being a world traveler, a very handsome salary and a sense of belongingness to one of the finest global professions and truly international perspective.

How to join Merchant Navy?

How to Join Merchant Navy

You can either join shipping as an Officer or as a crew member. To join as an Officer there are two options, either join as a Deck Cadet or as an Fifth Engineer as then move up the ladder to become successful Merchant Navy Officers. If you want to know how to join merchant navy after 12th, then check this link. To join as an 5th Engineer, you will either have to do a four year Marine Engineering course or a one year GME course.  To become a Electrical Officer onboard ships, you will have to complete ETO ( Marine Electro Techinical Officer ) course.

There are many institues in India which are aprroved by DG shipping for DNS and Marine engineering. You can choose which stream to join, either navigation or engineering side. For doing either DNS or Marine Engineering, you will have to take up science in 12th. 

If you have completed your B.E/B.Tech Mechanical, then you can join as a 5th Engineer after completing your GME course. 

If you want to join as a crew then you would have to do related courses from DG shipping approved Institutes and then get your COC. As a crew you can choose to join the Deck side ( Navigation ) or the Engine side. There even is an option to join as an Cook after your related courses.

Graduate Marine Engineering (G.M.E) is the first step to become a Marine Engineer.This one year course molds and shapes the candidate. To know more about G.M.E click here.