Merchant Navy Ranks

The carrier of a Marine Engineer begins with GME course, after the 1 year course the candidate will get Part-A certificate of Class-4 exam. Then he will have to collect his CDC ( Continuous Discharge Certificate ), this will make him eligible to join a ship and from here the journey begins.

This is a flowchart of the Merchant Navy Ranks one has to climb to reach to the post of a Chief Engineer :

The journey up the ladder shown above in the "Merchant Navy Ranks" chart involves giving exams. They require a tough preparation but are not too difficult as well. The other factor that has an influence over the promotions up the ladder are the demand for the engineers itself. If everything goes well then one can become a chief engineer in 8-10 years.The journey will be dangerous, dirty, difficult the 3-D's of Marine Engineering but the journey will be worth it.