Here are some frequently asked questions on GME course and GME sponsorship.

1. Can a non-sponsored candidate apply for sponsorship after the completion of GME course?
    Yes. Many companies offer sponsorship to candidates without sponsorship, moreover the colleges do provide campus placement assistance.

2. Will I be getting paid during GME course?
    Some companies do provide a stipend for the GME trainees.

3. Do colleges provide sponsorship assistance/placements for non-sponsored GME trainees?
   Yes. Some colleges do provide placements after the completion of GME course, this is not guaranteed though.  Having a sponsorship and then joining GME is a much better option.

4. Will I join the ship immediately after the completion of GME course?
    No. Generally there are certain formalities to be done after the GME and the candidates will have to do certain additional courses like OTFC (Oil Tanker Familiarization Course) and CTFC (Chemical Tanker Familiarization Course), should posses a INDoS certificate, Yellow fever vaccination certificate etc...

5. Do I need to be very intelligent in order to apply for GME?
    No. Average students with a will to learn are required in this field.

6. Can a non-mechanical B.E graduate apply for GME?
    No. This field is only for candidates who have completed B.E in Mechanical/ Naval-Architecture.