What is GME?

GME means Graduate Marine Engineering and a candidate who completes GME is known as a graduate marine engineer. In simple terms this course is the minimum requirement for a candidate completing B.E (Mechanical) to join as a Engineering officer in the Merchant Navy. After the completion of this course the candidate will be sent for on-board training as a Fifth Engineer.


             GME is a One year residential course which imparts practical knowledge and strict discipline to the trainee. One has to throw his laziness and ego out of the window in order to complete the course. This course basically deals with understanding, familiarizing and overhauling of the machinery found on-board a ship. It teaches how to adjust to the life at sea. One has to wash his own clothes, deal with all the problems, be punctual, be studious and be mentally strong. There is no chance for a laid-back attitude in this field, and the course ensures the candidate is ready for a career at sea.

The basic structure of the GME course is as follows :

Course Duration :                             1 year

Number of subjects covered :           24 theory (approx.)
                                                        Simulation courses
                                                        STCW courses
                                                        Ship familiarization

Attendance :                                     100% attendance compulsary

Punctuality :                                      Must be punctual all the time

Holidays :                                         Limited

Freedom :                                         Limited

Food :                                              Veg/ Non-veg alternate days

Exams :                                            Two semester exams

Difficulty Level :                                7/10

On successful completion of this course the candidate will be given a Indian CDC and also will be exempted from writing the Part-A of Class four examination. The candidate will be then called by his sponsoring company and will be given the post of  a  Fifth engineer on-board. For more information on the career growth and the examinations to be cleared after the first sail as a Fifth engineer, Click Here.