Frauds in the field - Awareness

Like any other field there are frauds happening in Merchant navy as well. Since there is a huge demand for sponsorships, some fraud agent companies take advantages of candidates. There have been many cases where the agents promise to provide a job, take money and dupe the unsuspecting candidates. Majority of the engineering graduates want to pursue a career in shipping and since there is a boom in this industry the number of fraud agents have also increased. One should be very careful when dealing with third party agents. There have been instances where the agent company promises to provide a Indian CDC and on completion of the course they provide Non-Indian CDC. Sometimes the agents may admit a unsuspecting candidate into a college which has not been approved by D.G Shipping (INDIA). Such cases have become very common nowadays and it is necessary that one does a complete background check of the agent company it at all he wishes to approach them.

Here are some tips to check the background of agent companies :
  •  Enquire and make sure you will be getting an Indian CDC
  • Make sure that the college you will be admitted to is approved by D.G shipping
  • Make sure the sponsorship letter obtained by agents is authentic. Personally call the sponsoring company and enquire about the same.
Even though there are some genuine third party agents, it is advised that a candidate approaches the company directly for sponsorships. Be smart be safe.