Institute of Maritime studies

Institute of Maritime studies is a college in Goa which trains students to be efficient Marine Engineers. Institute of Maritime studies, was established in the year 1997. They provide GME course which specialises in theory about Marine engines, Marine compressors, Marine boilers, Fresh water generators, Centrifuges, Pumps and all other aspects related to marine engineering. Apart from this Ship construction basics, Naval Architecture basics, Electrical technology, Maritime laws associated with SOLAS/MARPOL are also taught. The college also provides workshop practicals which includes welding shop, machine shop and fittings shop. Institute of Maritime Studies, also motivates the student to become a self motivated marine engineer.

Institute of Maritime Studies -

Institute of Maritime studies also provides afloat training for students, so while they learn the theoretical aspects of being a marine engineer, they also learn the practical aspects of it. Here a student practically see's the job being done. Practical knowledge is the core aspect of being a successful Marine engineer.

The entrance procedure to Institute of Maritime studies is similar to most of the GME college's. They have a online entrance test which is followed by personal interviews. Then they have a psychometry round, where the student is psychologically tested.  For further information about the entrance exams procedures and the placements after the GME course, you can refer their website

Along with academics, the college also encourages sports and a sports day is also conducted. Various in house sports are also made available to the students. Swimming is also a part of the curriculum. This encourages the student to grow and become a good marine engineer.