How to attend an interview

Once you have chosen a company which offers sponsorship and cleared all the preliminaries, you will be called for a personal interview round. There is a certain code to be maintained when attending an interview. They say "First impression is the last impression", well this might just be your last.... so make it count!

 Here are 10 Tips on how to attend an interview :
  • Wear proper formal clothes. It is generally preferred that a candidate wears white shirt, black pants, black belt, and a matching tie (blue preferred) to go along. If a white shirt is not available then make sure that you wear a light coloured shirt. Jeans and T-shirts are a complete NO-NO.
  • If you do not have a habit of shaving then please do shave before the interview. This will throw in a more professional look. A proper shave might just be your entry ticket into the company.
  • Polish your shoes before the interview. The interviewer might just have a casual glance at the candidate and you don't want your messy shoes to gain attention.
  • Be confident. Confidence is one of the main criteria for getting through. Do not beg for a job. A confident candidate has a higher chance of making it through. Just keep your chin high when you enter the interview room,do not take a seat until you get permission to sit, have a bold voice (do not stammer), look into the eye of the interviewer, have a proper posture, a firm handshake (if the interviewer extends his hand only) and most importantly have a warm smile on your face.
  • It is always a good idea to iron your clothes before you attend a interview. You do not want the interviewer to have a negative impression, make him realize how important is the interview for you.
  • Make sure that you switch OFF your cellphone before you enter the interview hall. One ring of your cellphone and it might be the end.
  • Make a background check of the company, what it deals with, its main office, branch offices, its CEO. All these points are a bonus during an interview.
  • Wear a formal watch if at all you plan on wearing one. You do not want a watch that beeps in between the interview.
  • Generally its a good idea to get a hair cut done before the interview. A well groomed look gives a professional look and these factors may decide whether you make it through or not.
  •  It is a good idea to put on light scented perfume when attending an interview. You do not want the interviewer to suffocate. Wearing a light scented deodorant or perfume is generally accepted. 
Remember to follow these tips when attending the interview. These tips do not guarantee you a sponsorship letter, but it might just give you a upper hand during selection process. If at all you do not make it, do not get tensed. Try again till you succeed. All the best.