What is Sponsorship?

GME sponsorship basically means a job guarantee. The basic qualification for GME is B.E/B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Graduate Marine Engineering is like a post graduation in Marine Engineering, it is a 1 year course consisting of theory and practicals.
                  Getting sponsored for GME by a shipping company means that you will be guaranteed a job as a Fifth engineer on-board after the GME program. Nowadays many companies provide sponsorship for eligible candidates. The eligibility criteria varies from company to company, some companies prefer candidates with high grades and some might select an average candidate. The main criteria for sponsorship is attitude, this is what the field demands. If ones attitude is not proper, then its time to shift to another job.
                  Sponsorship exams are conducted by companies on a regular basis. Sponsorship exam generally  consits of :
  1. Preliminary rounds ( Aptitude, Logical reasoning, English, Mechanical )
  2. Personal interview ( This will be purely Mechanical based, interview will be taken by a Chief Engg. )
  3. Psychometric Analysis ( Mental state of a candidate)
  4. Medical Examination
If these four rounds are cleared then a candidate will be given a sponsorship letter for pursuing GME course.

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Sponsorship only means that the candidate will be guaranteed a job once he completes his training, the whole course fee will have to be paid by the candidate and the company will not be accounted for the same.