How to draft a mail for Sponsorship

Some of the companies do not provide sponsorship information on their website and therefore a candidate may approach directly to a company, requesting sponsorship. There are certain guidelines to be followed when drafting a mail. The mail must be professional and should be worthy of a sponsorship interview.


 Here are some tips to be followed while drafting a mail :

  • Use a subject line that will draw the attension of the concerned person.
                    Ex : Application for Trainee marine engineer

  • Do not type a large sentence in the subject line.

  • Mention the name of the concerned person while starting your covering letter. You may even start your letter with a 'Sir' or 'Madam'. Do not just send an attachment without any text.
  • Use a proper salutation. Use the persons title followed by thier last name. ( Capt, Mr, Mrs, Dr.. )

  •  Make it a point to introduce yourself in the first paragraph, also include the reason for drafting the mail and let the concerned person know how you got his/her e-mail address
              Ex: My name is Harit Batia, I am contacting you to apply for sponsorship listed in Marex bulletien dated 25 March 2012.

  • Write the actual message and be sure to make a point. Do not ramble on and do not use capitals were not required. The body of the mail should not be more than 4-5 paragraphs.
  • Check for grammer mistakes and do not use SMS lingo.

  • Close your covering letter properly. You can say 'Thanks and Regards’, ‘Yours Sincerely' and the likes, followed by your Name, Address and contact numbers including the email address.
  • Though most companies prefer text only message you could send an attachment when asked to do so. However while attaching a document, ensure that the file is named correctly. For example, avoid attaching a file called 'CV.doc, biodata.doc or resume.doc in the e-mail. Ideally, mention CV and your name as your file name. If you are attaching jpeg image files, ensure that they are in colour and are neither to large or too small ( ideal size of  jpeg image is 800 x 600 resolution). Take care that just the image must be visible and all unnecessary portions, margins are cropped and removed. It is important that the image has a good visual appeal and is as straight as possible and is properly oriented. Finally name the image appropriately ( eg: 12 marks.jpg, birth cert.jpg etc) and avoid names like 201223.jpg, dony.jpg, dsc2012.jpg, document.jpg etc).
  • Make sure you have a proper e-mail ID and do not use a funky ID.
                   Ex : do not use a ID like '' or ''. Your ID must be your real name, if not available only then use numbers.

Follow these tips before you draft a mail to make an impression, check your language, re-check your mail and always be polite. Your attitude matters. All the best.