Merchant Navy Salary

ts a known fact that Merchant Navy is one of the highest paying fields. The engineering officers as well as navigation officers will be paid almost the same. Both the branches are almost equally paid. The best part of merchant navy salary is that all the salary during sailing is saved. Initially the payment for a Fifth engineer may be less, then the salary hikes up as the rank increases. If one knows how to control the in-flow and out-flow of the money, then a lot of money cant be saved.


The Merchant navy salary of an Marine Engineering Officer :

         Rank                    Salary                    Company      

Fifth  Engineer
$ 650-1000 approximately 
Private company

$ 1750 approx.
Fourth  Engineer
$ 3000- 4000 approx.
Private company

$ 2500 approx.  
Third Engineer
$ 4500-5000 approx  
Private company

$ 3750 approx.
Second  Engineer
$7000-10000 approx.
Private company

$ 4500 approx.
Chief  Engineer
$ 13500  or more  
Private company

$  6000 or more
*The Merchant navy salary also depends on the type of ship

Then again the salary in Merchant Navy will vary largely on the company you sail with, the type of ship you sail, the experience you have and various other factors. Ownership companies, ie: a company that owns its own ships, tends to pay more than a Ship Management company. If you sail on a Tanker then your salary would be higher for the same rank if you were to sail in a Dry Bulk/Container ship. Similarly if you have a lot of rank experience, then you will be paid higher compared to someone with who has a lesser experience in the same rank.

 A general order of the type of ships according to the payment ( Highest paying ships first ) :
  •  Chemical/Gas Tankers
  •  Oil Tankers
  •  Crude carries
  •  Cargo /Containers/Bulk Carriers
  •  Passenger Ships